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Jones Plastic is known not only for our molding expertise, such as pioneering the use of gas assist, high speed molding in the early 90’s, but also for our ability to help customers get their products to market quickly. With facilities in Kentucky, Tennessee, and three locations in Mexico, Monterrey, Juarez, and Juarez Painting and Hydrographics, we are strategically located to help minimize freight, handling, and labor costs to our customers.



Why Jones Plastic?

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Our mission is to ensure that our customers remain the basis of our operations.

We believe that quality at a competitive price is the only means to obtain this objective. Because of this, we’re committed to continual improvement from every member of our organization, at every level, and in all aspects of our business.

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We are a full-service supplier of engineering services, product design and integration, and contract manufacturing of a wide variety of injection-molded components and subassemblies.

Full Service Paint & Hydrographics


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